Occupational therapy is a specialized branch of medical treatment used to treat people who are physically and/or mentally ill and temporarily or permanently disabled. Occupational therapists involve the patient in any activity, work or recreation specifically chosen to help the patient reactivate and reduce the impact of permanent disability and to rehabilitate the patient in the community. The ultimate goal of occupational therapy is to restore lost function both at work and at home.

Occupational therapists assess the patient’s disability and determine treatment in detail based on the assessment. Towards the end it uses specific assessment techniques such as physical disability assessment, neuromuscular function assessment or functional assessment and the use of such specific therapies e.g. Neuromuscular facilitation, perceptual motor developmental approach, work adjustment training, occupational therapy, counseling, etc. and thereby the role of patient occupation are well recognized.

The training required for an occupational therapist includes a minimum of 4½ years after standard 12 with physics, chemistry, biology. Topics covered include anatomy, physiology, psychology, medicine, surgery, psychiatry, research methods, work-study techniques, and theory of occupational therapy and rehabilitation. Students also undergo supervised clinical practice


  • Providing all types of Occupational Therapy Services in the Medicity campus since 1978.
  • Government spine institute started occupational therapy college in the year 2018 with intake capacity of 10 students , in the year 2019 , intake capacity was increased to 12.
  • Virtual therapy was set- up and installed in 2018. The use of virtual therapy to accompany traditional physical and cognitive rehabilitation. Through virtual therapy an occupational therapist can design personalize treatment plan by combining both conventional activities and modern technology for the welfare of the patient.
  • On September, 2021 a sensory garden was developed and inaugurated in occupational therapy department. It provide treatment and education to special needs students , including autistic child and sensory processing disorder people.  Our sensory garden designed in such a way that it provide therapy as well as leisure activities to patients.
  • On 27th October 2021 for the 1st time an occupational therapy week was celebrated in the department. During this different days were celebrated and also students of government occupational therapy college displayed different project works. Than Dr. Rajesh Solanki sir celebrated and interacted with students and staff member of occupational therapy department and motivate them.
  • On November, 2022 for the first time a modified electric wheelchair was donated by government occupational therapy department. The wheelchair has two parts “neomotion “ that is wheelchair and “neobolt” that converted the wheelchair in mobile electric vehicle. It is designed for all types of Indian terrain roads.

Success stories of patients

Suresh Bhaimarwadi

The patient had a flexor tendon cut injury on the right hand. He is an auto driver. He met with an accident while driving the auto that caused this injury to him. Due to his injury, all his basic ADL work was affected. After the surgery, occupational therapy treatment was started early. With regular treatment, the patient in the occupational therapy department recovered his all hand functions again.


A 4-year child diagnosed with ADHD with autistic features. He was not at all social and had problems with speech. He was a very hyperactive child. After his regular treatment in the occupational therapy department, now he is able to attend social gatherings as well as he went to school also.


A 58-year-old male suffered from a brain stroke and had left hemiplegia. Before occupational therapy intervention, he was unable to do IADL efficiently and also have some problems in doing his ADL also. After getting treatment in occupational therapy now he is able to drive car on his own and do all his ADL and IADL work independently.


A 45-year-old male was diagnosed with adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder) of right side. He had problems doing his all ADL and IADL work independently. He was unable to lift his hand above the shoulder. With regular occupational therapy intervention now he is able to raise his hand in full range of motion. And he can do his ADL and IADL work independently.

Gulam Hussain

A 38 year of male had paraplegia due to a road traffic accident. He was unable to do transfer and his ADL work. After occupational therapy intervention and treatment he is able to do his ADL as well as IADL and he is able to transfer herself from one place to another. In the occupational therapy department we had modified his work, so he can continue his work after paraplegia

Achievements of occupational therapy department

A student of occupational therapy department won first prize in chess competition at BJ beats 2022.

Occupational therapy department was started in 1978 after that the department progressed very much and after Dr. Rajesh Solanki sir tenure our department is very well established and progressing very gracefully.