Paraplegic conditions require long term treatment and care. Thus, to ensure complete recovery, the Government Spine Institute introduced a noble concept ‘Paraplegia SAFARI Program’ . Usually, after discharge, patients develop problems like urinary tract infections, bladder and bowel diseases or skin problems and bed sores due to loss of sensation, stiffness in legs, fits etc.

Poor economic condition and limitation in accompanying patients for regular follow up for patients from remote rural areas are some of the key hindrances to prevent after treatment complications and fast and complete recovery of patients. Thus, under SAFARI program, instead of patients visiting the hospital, a multispeciality rehabilitation team comprising of Orthopedic Surgeon, Occupational Therapist,
Physiotherapist, Prosthetist and Orthotist and Medical Social Worker visits the patient at their door step.

Along with medical check-up and provision of necessary medication, the team counsels patients and family members and build their skills for adequate patient care at home. The team alsoreview proper use of aids and appliances and vocational kits given to the patients and take corrective actions if required. Till date more than 75 SAFARI programs are conducted in various districts of Gujarat. The contribution of Rehabilitation Team members of Government Spine Institute for the victims of Gujarat earthquake continued till 10 years under this program.