Psychomotor Laboratory

Government Spine Institute harbors India’s and Asia’s first of its kind ‘the center for healing arts’� Dr. Dinesh G. Patel Psychomotor Laboratory named after the donor from USA, well known in the field of Arthroscopic surgery. Arthroscopic joint surgery is a minimally invasive form of surgery which allows the patients to go back to his routine in a very short time from problems in knee, shoulder ankle, elbow hip and wrist joints. The Laboratory consists of a full operation theatre set up with all required arthroscopic instruments and accessories along with joint models to learn and do a ‘mock surgery’ on the model.

Along with students, learning basic diagnostic techniques, kick start the basic operative techniques and transfer the same to an actual orthopaedic surgical theatre on a patient and mastering arts of surgery, this set up has helped Orthopaedic surgeons across country.Also this Laboratory activity would encourage facilities for endoscopic spine surgery and other branches of surgery like gynaec, thoracoscopy as well. Through this laboratory, the institute at present gives hands on training on knee and shoulder models free of cost through workshops and group/individual surgical demonstrations. More than 2000 doctors have benefited from this facility.