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Success Story of Bharat Sathwara

Bharat C. Sathwara is my name and I am 46 years old. Though, originally I am from Prantij of Sabarkantha district, but since 15 years I am living in Asarva area of Ahmedabad. I used to work as a construction worker earlier. Before 8 years, I fell down from the top of newly constructing building in which I was working. The owner of construction company did not support me.

My spine got damaged in that accident. Entire body below waist became paraplegic. I even lost control on toiletry function too! I was admitted to Government Spine Institute and Dr. M. M. Prabhakar did my surgery. My recovery was very fast. But again before 5 years, due to twisted leg, I had to go for amputation and prosthesis was fitted.

Bharat sir (Medical Social worker) supported me in getting tricycle so that I can move on my own, and in addition to that, I was given Rs.5000/- to start a plastic cutlery shop on road side. From that seed money I started footwear shop. From the day I abandoned construction work, my entire family is surviving on this support given by Government Spine Institute. Every day 4 to 8 p.m., I and my family run this shop. I manage purchase of all items from Kalupur on my own using this tricycle provided by the hospital.
Though, god has taken my legs, but the staff of Government Spine Institute hold my hand and supported me and my family. We are living happy and dignified life even after such disability!

Success Story of Bhimdan Charan

My name is Bhimdan Charan, native Rajasthan. In search of work, I migrated to Bangalore. One night, I fell down from the 4th floor of rented house where I was staying. When I opened my eyes, I was at the door of private hospital. Unknown city, unknown people and most difficult their local language! Somehow, I could understand that doctor mentioned that it would cost approximately 1 to 1.5 lakh rupees for surgery.

A person like me, surviving on daily wage, how can afford such mountainous amount? A co-worker suggested me of Government Spine Institute. With unbearable mental and physical pain from Bangalore, I came to this hospital and all my pain went off every passing day in this hospital. Within 7 days due to surgery done by Dr. M. M. Prabhakar, my pain reduced immensely. And regular exercise by well qualified occupational therapists enabled me to start doing my activities of daily living on my own. I am leaving this hospital not only with good physical health, but also with content that in such a big world there is a hospital like this which is, in true sense a ‘temple of hope’ for people like us!

Success Story of Krima Patel

My name is Krima Patel, 8 years old and studying in 3rd standard. My father is working in factory in Kadi Industrial area. We are 4 members in our family. My parents told me while I was born I did not had my right leg.

They were shocked thinking how will I lead such a long life ahead and that too being a girl child they were more worried! Though, economically not capable, my parents roamed from one hospital to other so that I become normal with two legs. But their hopes never fulfilled until they saw advertisement in newspaper about ‘A Leg To Stand On’ project, where prosthesis were provided free of cost. Rays of hope appeared in their eyes. They immediately admitted me to Government Spine Institute.


Dhiren Sir and other staff of P & O department, under guidance of Dr. M. M. Prabhakar fitted an imported prosthesis to my right leg. You will not believe but the prosthesis is so light that I don’t find it as  external part in my body, it became comfortable like a natural leg for me. And now along with going to school regularly, I came first in running competition and also won prizes in dancing competition! Now, I aim to win Skatting competition soon! I can say proudly that ‘This hospital gave me back my leg, but also the road to succeed and achieve my dreams’. Since 8 years Krima is availing services of this hospital.